Client Liaison – World of Our Love

Water coolers, Christopher Skase and barbecued pavlova—welcome to the world of ‘World of Our Love’.

The video for Client Liaison’s new track is a colourful whirlwind of Australian kitsch. The Melbourne duo are known for playing with the symbols of the recent past in their live show and videos—and ‘World of Our Love’ is the apex of their singular style.

Director and producer Michael Greaney, of Oh Yeah Wow Productions, relished the chance to work within the Client Liaison aesthetic. “It’s fairly rare that you get the opportunity to work with a band that has such a richly established visual identity,” he says. “So it made our job really easy from a conceptual starting point.”

That starting point was Harvey and Monte, of Client Liaison, providing reference images (which Greaney describes as “a colourfully dressed man feeding a swath of tropical birds” and “crazy M.C Escher looking architecture”), saying they wanted it animated and set on an island, and then leaving Oh Yeah Wow to figure out the rest.

“The whole process flowed forward, with Aaron and I just pitching dumb imagery back and forth and seeing if we could make each other laugh,” says Greaney. “I wanted to have the clip feel reminiscent of looking through holiday photos from the most insane party island in the world.”

That spirit of fun carried through to the finished product—but it took a lot of hard work. Greaney credits art director and illustrator Jarrod Prince with the pitch-perfect visual style, a mix of minimal modern and retro styles in pastel hues. Then, Greaney and co-director Aaron McDonald worked up storyboards into a rough cut, called an animatic. After a few tweaks (adding more birds and water coolers), the boards were divided up around the studio for animators to bring to life.

‘World of Our Love’ is an intoxicating, tongue-in-cheek showcase of style and absurdity—but above all, it’s fun. “It was the perfect Oh Yeah Wow project, really,” Greaney agrees. “We got to play with silly ideas (a company specialty) and then animate them to a banging synth-pop track.”

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