Luke Warm Sex

Forget Facebook, Pinterest and Google—we all know that 70% of the Internet is just videos with “sex” in the title.

But for better or worse, it’s safe to say Nick Simpson’s animation reel from Luke Warm Sex is unlike any of them. It’s a compilation of the animator’s favourite bits from his contribution to the show, a six-part docu-comedy about comedian Luke McGregor’s quest to become better in the bedroom. It’s more grotesque than sexy, more funny than erotic, and unlikely to be a turn-on (unless you have some particularly kinky fetishes).

Simpson got involved with Luke Warm Sex when McGregor sat next to him on a tram. They didn’t talk, but Simpson recognised him—and a few days later, he sent an email asking if he’d like to work on something. Sure enough, McGregor was about to start production on a show for ABC. Commuters, take note—your choice of seat could lead to some very interesting career opportunities.

Simpson was asked to provide sprinklings of animation throughout Luke Warm Sex to keep it moving. Luckily, there was no shortage of inspiration in the show’s subject matter.

“There were segments about the bizarre history of contraception and kissing, explanations of fetish through tasty metaphors and a visual rulebook for cuddle parties,” he says. “All of these and more provided opportunity for heaps of ridiculous animation.”

Simpson’s process is fairly simple—drawing some basic storyboards, cutting them together, and then animating frame by frame in TVPaint. The result is a visual world of exaggerated body shapes, messy fluids, and dogs licking their own balls—visceral, a bit crass, but definitely hilarious.

What’s next for Simpson? He’s working on pitching his own animated show concept—so keep an eye out for his distinctive style on a screen near you.

Nick Simpson’s website