Broadway Sounds – Exclusive Love/Digital Influence

The video for Broadway Sounds’ ‘Exclusive Love/Digital Influence’ is an endearing mash-up of retrofuturism and nostalgia. Hoverboards and milk bars, robots and ice cream cones—it’s like a sci-fi daydream in an idyllic childhood.

A lot of thought went into the clip’s concept. “Without getting overly political, we started throwing in a few thoughts and ideas about diversity on screen and technology’s influence on life and culture,” says Tobias Willis, the director. “I also felt like it needed a robot and aggro ice-creams.”

The video was shot around Deer Park, where Willis’ grandparents live. The sleepy suburb hasn’t changed much since the 70s, making it the perfect location for a clip juxtaposing the past and the future—plus the crew could always duck back to Nana’s house for sandwiches between takes.

As an outdoor shoot, ‘Exclusive Love/Digital Influence’ was subject to the whims of the weather gods, and Willis and cinematographer Jono Haynes rescheduled several times to make sure they were capturing the hot Australian sun. It must have been annoying, but you can’t argue with the results—the clip oozes lazy sunny afternoon vibes.

But if ‘Exclusive Love/Digital Influence’ inspires you to get a hoverboard and cruise for ice cream cones, think again. “Really, the only problems we encountered were with that shitty hoverboard thing,” warns Willis. “If I never see another one of those again, I’ll be happy. It’s very stupid technology.”

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